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The mother of all collabs, for charity: Monkey Climber x Forgotten Flavours x Hutchie Specials

Belgian based indie carp ‘brands’ Monkey Climber and Forgotten Flavours have teamed up again, for something ultra special this time. Deffo the coolest thing they ever did, and most probably the illest they will ever do! This time they’ve laid their hands on a small share of Rod Hutchinson’s personal stock of original Scopex and Monster Crab flavours, and they’re going to sell it. This Friday, 5PM UK time, 6PM Euro time. Read more below, or how these boys will try breaking the internet too :-)

The Monkey Climber x Forgotten Flavours x Hutchie Specials collab is the perfect example of how a couple of life paths and stories - including those of fanboys Gio and Dieter (lol) - somehow got mingled and resulted into something only possible in dreams.

When Gio interviewed good old Rod for Monkey Climber magazine #4 at his place back in 2013 Hutchie showed him the whole house, his memorabilia, books, slides, rods, samples, etc. but there was one thing the good man just wouldn’t have the ed sniffing at: the 40 litres of original Scopex and Monster Crab he had kept somewhere in the house since the 80s. Gio still thinks he must have kept them buried in the garden, Pablo Escobar style.. All joking aside, according to Rod this was both flavours at their prime, the very best version of both he had ever been able to get. For his eyes only. When G asked what he did with it, the answer simply was: “For personal use, for when the going really gets tough.”

Upon Rod’s passing five years later the Hutchinson family auctioned off most Rod’s personal gear including the flavours at the Carp Society memorial weekend over at Horseshoe in 2019. For charity. This is where Dieter of Forgotten Flavours comes into the story. D, being a true blue flavour collector and user, already had had lengthy contact with Kitty and Yas, Rod’s daughter and granddaughter, and could now even secure his share of both OG flavours without being able to go to the event, a couple of litres of each.

Many moons ago Dieter had first heard about Scopex and Monstercrab, and now - probably as the only one outside the UK - he had laid his hands on the very original versions of these legendary flavours Hutchie once did. You can imagine how proud he just was. A few good friends of Dieter’s decanted the flavour at the event, brought it back to their place and eventually another good friend of Dieter’s picked the smelly lot up to be delivered at their final destination in Belgium. Or not so final maybe…

In the meantime Dieter had been interviewed by Gio too and when doing the interview Dieter teased G with the news about these mega flavours he had coming… Both G and D were straight away psyched and came up with the idea to bottle them up as part of a collab, classic gold label glass bottle style, and sell them, for charity purposes only. A lot of the flavour that had been sold at the event or even given to close friends of Rod has been seen going on eBay for silly prices and these boys and the Hutchie family clearly wanted to avoid that with this last little lot.

So now with permission from Rod's family and with the courage and determination they had to persue their project, and made it possible for you all to get some of these precious flavours. Maybe not for you all, as there’s only 55 bottles of OG Scopex and 70 of OG Monster Crab. Contents 50ml. Sorry for this, but it is what is.

Rod always wanted to do good for his family and especially for his grandson Ethan, who has a quite rare condition called verbal dyspraxia, a speech disorder he’ll have to live with forever. Both Dieter/Gio and Kath/Yas worked out a plan to donate 100% of all profits of the flavours to Mikey's Wish, a charity in the UK, local to them, supporting the verbal dyspraxia cause. The agreement being to decant/rebottle the flavours Dieter got through the Horseshoe Memorial Weekend, with 100% of profits going to Mikey's Wish.

Dieter got into finding the right amber glass bottles and found the same ones Hutch always got, they had labels made by Gio's other and probably better half and finally we bottled them all this week, to go live this coming Friday the 18th at 5PM UK/6PM EU.

Too cool to follow the neurotypical rule, as Ethan would say!

See you at the drop! Half of the bottles is going on the Monkey Climber shop (PayPal payments only), the other half on the Forgotten Flavours one (all payment methods accepted).

18/12/2020 5PM UK/6PM EU


Please note that Mikey’s Wish is not a recognised charity by Belgian tax offices but we chose to go through with our project anyway. This sadly means that apart from the costs of the flavour, bottles, labels itself we will also need to take into account 21% VAT charges going off the final amount going to Mikey’s Wish. That is why we saved 5 bottles of each to auction off very soon, probably on the Rod Hutchinson Appreciation Page on Facebook, together with another very exclusive, one off product you will want to give both of your kidneys for :-)

** Also please note we agreed with the Hutchinson fam to settle the price per bottle at 50 euros, for a number of reasons: firstly to put people off buying x numbers for reselling, and obviously to get enough money in for charity. 50 euros still is nothing compared to current day eBay prices for both of these flavours, but we all understand it might seem a high price at first. Please be kind, open your pockets and give something back. This is the angling community showing their heart, the way Rod would have liked it.

*** Sadly we cannot put a limit per person on our websites, but please don’t be selfish and buy 1 of each flavours max. per person. Fellow collectors will be forever grateful!

**** With very thight animal food regulations over here in Belgium we would like to stress that we sell these as a limited batch & for collector purposes only.

***** We aim to announce the total sum this charity collab will have raised by the end of January at latest.

That’s all for now, thank you! X