Monkey Climber x Forgotten Flavours collab pop ups I Coffee Crème 12mm - 14mm


We've teamed up with our friends over at Forgotten Flavours again (who we interviewed in MC#16) for what is yet another fantastic limited edition collab pop up! Close fans and customers will remember the Belgian Chocs we did together last year & sold out overnight back then, now we're back with a classic combo we both been using for years.

*Gold Label Coffee Crème.
*Classic Coffee Cream combo using loads of OG Hutchy stuff.
*Two sizes: 12/13mm & 14/15mm.
*Perfectly shaped
*Ultra high buoyancy
*Available in a creamy white only
*Very limited numbers available.
*Dropping Friday Dec 18, 6pm!

Attractor package:

Coffee Crème (Rod Hutchinson)
Coffee Bean (Rod Hutchinson)
Chocolate Malt (Rod Hutchinson)
Scopex #1 (Nash)
Condensed Milk (Nash)
Regular sense appeal (Rod Hutchinson)
Dairy appetite stimulator (Rod Hutchinson)
Coffee powdered palatant (Purple)

Here's what Dieter over at Forgotten has to say about the Coffee Crèmes: "Some of you might even remember I did some 'Coffex' pop-ups in the past. They were extremely low in supply and sold out right away, hence you might have never heard about them.

Since then, I have had countless of inquires about them but I never really could re-roll them due to the low stock of flavours left for this combo. After what we (Me and Gio) both could say was a very successful first collab last year, again we picked our brains and finally agreed on a very specific recipe we were both very confident in from our experiences in the past. A 'Coffee Collab' was born!

Since I could never really make these 'Coffex' pop-ups widely, commercially available again, (by the time they would go live they would be sold out, and I don't want to leave you guys hanging) G came up with a good litre of old Coffee Creme flavour and powdered palatant he was kindly given by one of his close friends. Now we were back cookin'! :-)"

Right in time before Xmas!

Don't sleep on these!


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