• Image of Monkey Climber Xmas postcard set

Got something new and sweet for y'all! Brandnew set of four Monkey Climber Xmas postcards, which are reproductions from analogue pics which have been used in the magazine in the past: Can't catch them at home (Michael Flosdorf / top left), The harder you'll climb (Vik Debouvere / top right), If you're not now, you never were (Michael Flosdorf / down left), Always keep the faith (Raf Van Opstal / down right). Nice and neat MC logo on the back, plus detailed info. The ideal card to ship to your fishing friends and family in the coming weeks! Sold as a single set (5 euros), or per three sets (10 euros). If you wish to buy more at once, contact us.

Comes free on all orders over 50 euros in the next two months!


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