Secret Stash Hookbait Juices I 50 ml


Thanks to the popularity of our hookbaits a lot of you guys keep asking us for the liquids we use, either to cure your hookbaits further or to make more pop ups yourself or to have matching corkballs, wafters, etc.

Here's a selection of 8 gold label glass bottles with the best of the best we can get for you.

Esterella: By far our most popular pop up over the years, catching loads and loads especially in Winter. Here's the secret blend of two classics bottled up for y'all.

Belgian Fizz: Our North of Belgium variation of a Northern UK special. Once used in a limited edition corkball in our range and people still keep asking us for it to this day.

Iceberg: One of our more recent additions in the pop up range and a special blend of spices that sometimes makes one think of a very popular soda. Thicker liquid than the others.

Choc B: THE old school special turning everything black and sticky. Works wonders in hookbaits but also ideal for the very secret Choc B tigers. Very fluid and ultrarare.

Peach Juice: Probably the best Peach out there, low inclusion levels needed.

Honey Syrup: One we personally liked using from the Hutchy stable back in the 90s, on its own or in combination with fruit flavours such as Mulberry.

Mulberry Mash: Just like the original, trust us.

Wild Rabbit: Back in the 90s only one particular UK brand had this one and it worked wonders in savoury and fish mixes for us. We searched so long to source this one and it's smell is just perfect. Can be combined with fruity type flavours like Plum, Cranberry, etc.

Red Spice: The past few years Red Spice baits overtook the Benelux scene somewhat and this is the very best Red Spice flavour we could find. Dark and very thick.
Black & Blue: Our version of the famous oldschool Blackberry and Blueberry combination. Works well with a couple drops of N-Butyric acid too.

Reveal: Original 80s-90s Cotswold Baits flavour that was mega popular everywhere but disappeared when the company stopped trading. We now laid our hands on the very same formula, sold limited edition under the Monkey Climber flag. A highly efficient flavour also very wanted by competition anglers.

Shellfish Sense Appeal: This one brings flavour connaisseurs back to the 90s really. Thick black liquid that makes your (hook)bait standing out. Can be perfectly used on its own, personal proven combo's are also 1/2 Shellfish Sense Appeal with 1/4 Indian Spice and 1/4 Malay Spice or 2/3 Shellfish Sense Appeal with 1/3 Mulberry Mash. Works wonders.

Indian Spice: The good stuff like Nash and Heathrow Bait Services used to have back in the day. Deep yellow towards orange in colour, perfect to use on its own, or in recommended combo like 1/2 Shellfish Sense Appeal with 1/4 Indian Spice and 1/4 Malay Spice or 10ml Indian Spice per egg combined with 6 drops of Black Pepper essential oil (the latter not sold by us).

Malay Spice: Another 90s classic that needs no introduction really. Orange/red in colour and works both in fishmeals and birdfoods. Always good in combination with a couple of drops of our Reveal and/or Honey Syrup.

Thick Squid: The best version of Squid & Octopus we could lay our hands on, you'll love it, the misses won't :-)


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